The Vedic Healing Institute & Temple offers teachings, classes, seminars, and events in the vedic tradition of India. Special emphasis is given to mantras (sacred sound chants) and puja ceremonies which are group gatherings using mantras, visualization, and meditation to create change and manifest positive energies.

The Vedic Healing Institute & Temple was founded by Professor Sasi Velupillai of Kerala, India and Reiki Master Alexandra Juliani of Los Angeles, California in conjunction with Professor P.A. Seshan of South India. Special blessings were extended to the Vedic Healing Institute and its work by H.H. Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Sri Tiruchi Swamiji, Sanskrit Scholar Professor Shankara Shastry, Professor Padmandabha Velupillai, and Mata Amritanandamayi (Ammachi) of India.

Professor Sasi is a 7th-generation Psychic Palmist, Spiritual Teacher and Meditation Master who hails from a long lineage of spiritual teachers in India. Reiki Master Alexandra Juliani has been studying healing techniques for over 20 years and is Director of the American Reiki Academy as well.

Professor Sasi and Ms. Juliani had the rare privilege of being instructed and initiated in India as Vedic Healing Master Teachers who are custodians of this ancient healing knowledge. They were entrusted with the mission of spreading vedic knowledge worldwide in a simple, accessible format. Much of the vedic teachings are considered both secret and sacred, usually only shared amongst priests and mystics in India. Professor Sasi and Ms. Juliani consider it both their mission and calling to share the information and techniques with sincere spiritual seekers everywhere. To date they have trained and initiated thousands of students into these esoteric and powerful teachings.

This blog offers additional information and insights into the Vedic Healing teachings and background on the knowledge. Please feel free to contact the Institute directly for more information about classes, instruction, initiation or upcoming events.

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